Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ability to Shock the Hunter's and Gatherer's of Old...

Yes, you read that correctly. I am pleased with myself. Will bought a really cool camping light that looks more like a UFO with its underbelly circled LED bottom. He promised me we could make a fort and sleep in it. Here is where the skill comes in. One crocheted blanket and a bunch of furniture later we have ourselves a lovely, little hovel. One to make the Aborigines proud!Will did homework while I crafted this beauty. Tonight we are having a return to childhood. We have our candy stashed (toothbrushes on hand), soda under the table, comic books under the blankets, flat screen on with both systems blinking, waiting their turns, and mattress on the floor. Yes, tonight will be a night to remember! Definitely one of the fun things we've done since Will's return. I may not be much of a house keeper but, hey, when it comes to making blanket forts I have not missed a beat. Yup, I still got it in me!

(Will is playing Oblivion in the comforts of his hovel.)

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