Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's That Feeling Settling Over The House?

(This picture is a great representation of my feelings and mood at the moment, that is, a little off.) That feeling, my friends, is a pleasant mixture of tension, excitement, and yes, back to school fever. It seemed like yesterday I was lathering on the sun block and walking out into the June sun; a glance at my calender pulled me back into reality relatively quickly. August 24th. Something important is around August 24th, something very important. School. We return to college on the 25th, for me, and the 26th, for William. Usually I am excited for school but

this term is a different story. Maybe it was the whole getting married, and trying to figure out what goes where, who we hang out with, and on what night but my summer seems to have been cut into a fourth of its usual time frame.

No worries, I thought, you are going part time! I looked at my schedule. Two classes on Monday and Wednesday's I could handle that easy pie. Next I looked at my class times, 5:30-6:45 and 7:30-8:45, perfect again. I checked to see if I would have to run across campus to get to class. LA 219 and WC 220. This was something I hadn't expected. When it comes to UVU building layout I like to think I'm pretty hot salsa and yet I had no clue where WC was or which building it meant. I would swiftly remedy this problem. I logged on to UVU's website, confidently clicked the campus map button and began scanning for WC. I couldn't find it. (I'm not a prideful person but the bit I have hurt upon not finding WC.)
Different solution. Plan B. I found the phone number for OneStop and asked them about the elusive WC.

"Oh, WC stands for the Wasatch Campus up in Heber!"

My councilor had signed me up for classes this year because I was running out of time and didn't know what to sign up for. I realized all this today and put myself on a waiting list for a different astronomy class, one on the Orem campus, and anxiously check the UVU Student Link to see if anyone drops out and helps my college education along.
Today is the 24th and I have class tomorrow. My bags are unpacked, my mind is not ready, and my classes are not set in stone as they usually are. In the mean time, William made up a 'Back to School' list and has purchased everything on his list. He bought a new backpack, one with an extra pocket to hold his laptop and his in between class stuff (such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Bio Shock 2, and an assortment of DS Light games), organized all his pencils and pens into their respective holders and slots, labeled and organized his binders and folders, printed a class schedule and slipped it into a plastic cover on his main binder, and loaded all his textbooks, which he bought days ago.
Here I sit, staring at my laptop, wondering if I will get the classes I need or if I will just have to take one to ward off the school loans this term. What ever happens, I will go and I will go smiling with my best foot forward.