Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Day

It's been two and a half months already since we said our "I do's" and life is great. It's odd how many perks you don't know about until you live together! I remember the first time I walked in from work and found a man in my house, let along one decked out in tight boxers! The dishes never end and the living room couch is usually adorned by our college friends or clean clothes I can't find it in my heart to fold. Video games, all 27 of our movies, five belonging to my parents and three to his, and Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoons lay strewn about the general TV area. Our bed is usually made but the shock to the moms about a made bed will be disarmed by the amount of dirty and discarded clothing on the floor. ;)
Our dining room has Will's guitars spread through out, a marble chess set sitting on a TV tray dinner table, and the dining table has our two computer chairs on either side, they are the only chairs we have. Ha! I won't touch on the copious amount of boxes we already have in storage along with the rest of our various lives mixing in the house. My Barbies and their assorted outfits lay in a popcorn tin with Will's "Doll" a G.I. Joe action figure he calls Cobra. We have my princess coloring books and childhood stuffed animals lying on his forgotten works of literature, the stuff not good enough to sit on one of our three bookshelves, and boxes piled full with who knows what that goes who knows where in this little house.
I won't even touch on the Guinea Pig and Glider cages. It's gotten to the point where I won't pick my lovely orange pig up. Today they get cleaned.
The office should, in all reality, be called "Lair de William." I'm fairly sure he would never leave it if it were not for the kitchen and our cozy bed. I, for some reason, can not be creative in the confines of a structured place like the office. I tried to make it more creative-writer-friendly but upon returning to the house after working Will walked into my mess and I put it back into order for him. I gave him my desk, the dust screamed when I cleaned it off, and made him a large work area for his 'studies.' I'm more of a couch novelist anyway.
We have two bathrooms in this one bedroom place and the one attached to the office holds my favorite feature, the jacuzzi tub, but more importantly it hold Will's favorite feature, the urinal. He wakes up and passes the bathroom attached to our bedroom, walks through the living room, dining room, kitchen, and office to use his urinal in the morning before coming back and begging for an sunny-side egg sandwich; a recently discovered favorite.
I still have not invited my family over since moving in due to the chaos that took over the above text. Once I clean it, hopefully I can get most of it done after this blog, I will be able to invite them over sometime during the week. It would be nice to show off our little home with its best face forward. So it is with the hope of finally having them relax in my little place that I sign off and continue to the almost cognitive stuff around the house I have neglected in favor of fun and games with the in-laws the past few days. Signing off!