Thursday, September 23, 2010

Salmon in A Bag

Today started like any other day. I heard William trying to coax me out of bed, glanced at the alarm clock, realized I slept in an extra ten minutes, sat up and had my clothes on before William could finish searching for something clean to put on. I shoveled some Captain Crunch Berries in and rushed to put on shoes. (We've discovered that if I drive William to school three hours early he can do homework, I still get to work in time, and we don't have to drive the Jeep to Orem.

Today we left in one car and I panicked. If I was late to work they would not be pleased. Will stopped by his parents house to pick up some art supplies and drop me off at my car. I would be very early to work but anything was better than being late for the second time. (I had never been late to work until I transfered to Provo.) After running in William returned to tell me there were fresh cinnamon rolls inside and cold juice. We left earlier than I would have and we were able to sit and relax for ten minutes. Naturally, being me, I pushed the time I needed to get to work an hit traffic on the freeway. Not to worry though. I clocked in at 8:00 on the dot! Work was super slow, it always is at the Provo store, but there was pleanty of things to due thanks to the rush to close quickly and get to the work party the night before. It was nice to feel busy
again at work. Orem is an easier store to work at, if only because time passes quickly.

Things never seem to slow down right now outside of work. After work I went to UVU for school. I came home after school and realized Will had not cooked anything for dinner. It is probably better this way; sometimes I'm afraid Will's cooking might be toxic. I decided salmon was a good thing to have after a long day. I checked the instructions. Thaw for 1 hour in warm water. I looked at my salmon. I had nothing big enough to hold this delicious, yet large, fillet of salmon so I thought. I have a large sink though. I looked white trash but I opened the protective wrapping and put my salmon at the bottom of a 20 gallon trash bag and submerged it in the steaming water, leaving the opening hanging over the sink. T'was a great dinner to eat around 11:00pm.

(I may insert said picture of salmon in a trash bag but at the time I was not quite thinking of blogging about this eventful night.)

I was so glad we ate Salmon that night because the night after I made some brownies in the morning and went to make tea in the afternoon. It smelled of glass and tin foil and chocolate for about 30 seconds until I ran into the kitchen to find the wrong burner on and directly under the glass pan of new brownies. I learned not to pick up high-heated glass pans because their structural integrity has been comprimised by the heat...our pan shattered and I experienced a glass explosion. A peice got lodged in my foot and bothered me for a day or so but no harm done and an awesome, eventful few days of zest to add to our life.

It is never boring here at the Bailey home.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not So Bright

I applied at Petersen's Medical for a retail sales position and had a great interview! I began thinking about all the things 10.50 and hour and insurance could bring. I saw a little house in Provo with a hardwood floor entrance and out lab, Tofu, lying on the carpet we would use to keep dirt off the floor. I saw our olive-green couches facing a new, much-better-than-before television. I saw a cute little kitchen decorated with a few potted plants and a mass of Will's favorite types of food, that we could now afford, on the not anymore broken kitchen table. I saw a little bedroom with lace curtains and our queen mattress adorned in a new bedspread to match the feng shui of the new, little room. I saw a little back yard, just big enough for the two of us and our giant dog. I saw the little houses around us and all their people. We might have had some crazy-fun Mexicans next door who threw fiestas late into the night. We might have neighbors who left their house for church at precisely 10:00 every Sunday. We could watch them through the lace curtains and admire their Sunday best while Will played video games and did homework and I sat on the couch, trying to punch out the next chapter in my novel, Road to Freedom. We could stay up late and invite friends over to share our good fortune with.

I got a call back from Petersen's Medical. They decided to go with a more experienced candidate. I saw all of my house dreams fading and leaving me with the okay situation i am in now. We have five meals at a time in the fridge. Our dog lives at the in-laws house. Our basement apartment has heated floors and pretty walls. Will has an office and I have a jacuzzi bathtub. Our landlords are very kind to us. We have a great deal on our little home and yet I am discontented. Being so far away from family is not good for my emotional health. One day I will get there. William will go on to get his PhD and I will publish my novel. We will be fine, or even well off; I've just got to wait until then. It's going to be alright. You know it's going to be alright.
God in my living, there in my breathing. God in my waking, there in my sleeping. God in my resting, there in my working. God in my thinking, there in my speaking. God in my hoping, there in my dreaming. God in my watching, there in my waiting. God in my laughing, there in my weeping. God in my hurting, there in my healing. Be my everything. ~Tim Hughes