Friday, December 10, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas Time

T'was three weeks before Christmas and all through the house

All the creatures were scurrying even the 'mouse'

The stockings are hung by the T.V. with care.

In hopes that the cat would let them stay there.

The Gliders were nestled in their bag of a bed

While visions of mealworms danced in their head.

And me in two sweaters, sweat pants, and my hat

Pulled my husaband from W.o.W. he's had enough of that.

Then out in the orchard there rose a great clatter

So I had to run out to see what was the matter

I ran to the door and opened it fast

it swung back behind me and made a loud crash

The absense of snow on the dead grass

made everything darker like tinted glass

But what I looked for didn't appear

Yet I imagined a sleigh and some cute, brown reindeer!

Was I imagining a red dressed man

I thought it was so but it was just my friend Dan

He said his hello and walked in to greet Will

I changed him back to St Nick to fit my appeal

Now Dancer now Dasher now Prancer now Vixin

On Comet on Cupid on Donner and Blitzen

My imagination guided them on the Brook's porch onto the wall

Then my desire to create seemed to just fall

(Continued next week!)

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