Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn Shearing

Again it has come to the time where I pretend I can cut hair and William graciously dons the do-it-yourself hair cutting cape of shame. I carefully adjust the shears to the correct length and Will prays that the hair cut is swift and fairly even. I tell myself to keep my eyes open as I attempt to make sense of his tangle of curls. Our friend Daniel runs lines for his acting class tomorrow morning with William. The razor turns on...and the first snip is done, then another, and another. Fairly soon we are all comfortable with this event so far. I begin making awful late-80's style haircuts for William to look in the mirror and act out personalities for. Then I shave it into a Mohawk for the last effect before shaving off the last, long row of curly hair and smiling at my work. It is a bit shorter than we prefer. (I don't mind but Will likes it a big longer.) It looks good though. We have another two months until the mid season shearing when we pull it out and start all over again.

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  1. I cut Paul's hair. Holy traumatizing! But I'm getting the hang of it now, and I no longer give him bald spots, which is an improvement. But Paul has easy-to-cut straight hair. I do not envy you, my friend. Curly hair is hard!